这是一种全新的处理方式,一个全新的标准,这就是无摩擦运动。New way的气浮轴承就是领导者。在这里您能了解到关于New Way的一切,包括公司的前景、领导力和历史、战略规划以及部门维护事件。如果你想了解这一切,请点击下方的链接。通过这个链接能够提供所有您想要的,包括最新时事、团队管理、图片、销售资料以及联系方式。
  • 公司

    Since 1994, New Way Air Bearings has been the market leader in Porous Media™ air bearing technology. Here's where you'll find out what has made the company what it is today, what makes it tick, and who stands behind it. You'll also discover a bit about New Way's standing in the communities it serves, and the career opportunities available at the company right now.

  • 职业生涯

    As a fast-growing manufacturing company with global reach, there are many and diverse opportunities for employment with New Way Air Bearings. The speed of that corporate growth provides significant prospects for personal growth. You'll find those opportunities here.

  • 重大事件

    Every year, New Way Air Bearings and its distributors participate in a wide array of events in a variety of markets and geographies. From trade shows to on-site training to convention speaking engagements, a quick click here will take you to where you'll find the New Way team around the world at any given point on the calendar.

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    Designed expressly for members of the print and broadcast press corps, the New Way Media Center provides information that you will find extremely useful in the crafting of a column, feature or segment. This includes a set of media contacts, executive biographies, fast facts, press releases, event highlights, and an array of print and rich media assets which can be used to complement or supplement your work.

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    If you are new to the New Way Air Bearings web site, here is where you'll find a quick overview of the content here, and where to go to find it. The site tour covers each of the seven sections and the functionalities that may be of interest to different types of site visitors.